4. staff:

    What does hitting shift + ? in your dashboard do?

    Find out by hitting shift + ? in your dashboard.



  6. My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done


  7. staff:

    Add this to your list of things that slide: blogs.

    Starting today: Click on an avatar in your Dashboard. Whoosh, a blog.

    “I have never had so much blog in my Dashboard before. What a sensation! Nothing can stop me.”

    Yes. Browse a blog right from your Dashboard. Like it. Reblog it. Ask it questions. Fall in love with it.

    And remember, it’s not just other people’s blogs that are sliding into your Dashboard. It’s your blog that’s sliding into theirs. Make sure you love how it looks.


  8. (Quelle: kpfun, via ghibli-forever)


  9. ajowithablog:

    Since yesterday everyone is saying that Studio Ghibli is closing its doors. Here is a more detailed account on what is happening. They want to think better their structure strategies and yes they might stop doing movies for awhile because of Miyazaki’s retirement and their economic problems but nothing is definite, just temporal.